A Brief History of Challenge Coins

Whether you’re a history buff or you just enjoy collecting things with a theme, you’re sure to find something within your reach that has a story to tell. History is an interesting subject and understanding the process of how it developed and changed over time can help us appreciate it better. While some might think of history as bunk beds with cardboard figures stacked up against each other, that doesn’t mean they aren’t real; instead, these are objects with meaning. If you’ve ever wondered about where challenge coins came from, why they have evolved so much over time, or where the future of the challenge coin market lies, then you’ve come to the right place. The most common reason for collecting military challenge coins is to honor those who served in military service. Many people don’t realize that the coins were actually given as a reward for good behavior by members of the armed forces. Since World War II, however, other organizations in the United States have started to reward their members with these coins for good conduct. For example, the United States Air Force and the Army both use coins for various purposes. They can be used for recognition, as a remembrance, or simply as a means of currency. Now day’s they are available at Hero Industries.

One of the first groups of people to receive challenge coins were the members of the Army. When the coins were first introduced, they didn’t look like they do today. In fact, back then, they looked more like metal pennies, with an outline of the army or navy on them. The change in the design of the coins, though, altered the way that they were looked at by the members of the military units.

Because of the changing times, the Navy also began the use of challenge coins today. This is believed to be the reason why most members of the military are familiar with the tradition. The Navy has also started issuing coins that have a gold finish, which is a lot easier to recognize than the older gold and silver colored challenge coins. The newer gold ones are also designed in a much better way than their predecessors, making it a lot easier for the members of the military units to recognize each other.

Another group of military personnel that enjoys receiving challenge coins is members of the firefighting and emergency medical services. They get these special challenge coins from those members of the armed forces that are being held accountable for keeping our country safe. Many of the members of these military medical service teams carry around these coins as a reminder of the valor that they display on a daily basis.

The history of challenge coins doesn’t stop with the members of the military. Today, they continue to be given as rewards for outstanding performance by members of the armed forces. In addition, other groups such as law enforcement agencies, first responders, and others have started getting these coins from time to time as well. As you can see, the history of these coins goes far beyond the individuals who receive them for whatever reason. As a result, there’s no reason to not wear one or more challenge coins, if you think you’re fit to do so.